Step motors


CT series motors incorporate innovative cooling technology, high torque magnetic designs, rugged bearings, and high voltage insulation systems. These features provide high torque motors, which support large mechanical loads, and can be used with all drives.
Outstanding performance is only part of the CT story. CE Series motors are available in the most popular sizes (17, 23 and 34) and are available in a variety of lengths, windings and shafts.

  • High Torque Magnetic Design. Large rotor diameter, small air gap high energy magnets and computer controlled winding provide maximum torque in the smallest size.
  • Cooling Shell. Aluminium shell and aluminium end-caps quickly remove heat from the motor.  This allows for higher current and torque ratings, especially when the motor is mounted. CT motors produce the same torque at lower temperature for longer life.
  • Large Bearing System. To accommodate high thrust loads and high side loading, CT Series motors feature large bearings
  • High Voltage Insulation. Inset moulded insulation system encases the stator, eliminating joints and gaps that can fail. Reliability and voltage ratings are increased. CT Series motors can be used with all standard drives, as well as high voltage high performance drives

T2 series
Kollmorgen T2 Series Motors are high torque, NEMA Size 23 (60 mm) step motors. With holding torques to 421 oz-in (3.0 N-m), they deliver the most torque of any Size 23 motor. T Series Step Motors are available with open leads or a terminal box and are excellent alternatives to pneumatic, hydraulic, and servo motor systems.

  • 0.56 to 3.0 N-m (80 to 421 oz-in) holding torque accommodates most high torque application requirements
  • 0.014 to 0.049 N-m (2 to 7 oz-in) detent torque leaves more power for moving the load
  • Speeds up to 3000 RPM provide for velocity demands of most high torque applications.

E & H Hybrid Series
Available in NEMA 23, 34 and 42 frame, both H and E Series are high efficiency, low loss hybrid step motors in conventional (round frame) configurations. A selection of industry standard windings and standard options assure the best motor for your application with holding torques up to 4276 oz-in. Select from terminal board connections (via conduit), MS connectors or flying lead connections in waterproof or standard enclosures. Options include shaft keyways or flats, oversized drive shaft, rear shaft extensions and various encoder options. Bipolar or unipolar phase sequencing is also available.

KM Series
Superior Electric KM series of high torque NEMA 23 and 34 and 42 (60, 90 and 110 mm) size step motors offer a wide range of models for most stepper applications. Nominal holding torques range from 0.52 to 30.8 N-m (74 to 4360 oz-in). They provide an excellent, cost effective, alternative to pneumatic, hydraulic, and servo motor systems.

  • Kollmorgen series CT stepper motors NEMA 42
  • Kollmorgen series CT stepper motors NEMA 17
  • Kollmorgen series CT stepper motors NEMA 23
  • Kollmorgen series CT stepper motors NEMA 34